Educational Hands is a Non-Profit organization established for the purpose of addressing the growing need to provide sign support to individuals and organizations across the globe.

Educational hands provides sign support to adults who recently became deaf or hard of hearing and those that are learning to sign because of verbal communication issues (Selective mutism, Autisim, TMJD, Tracheostomy, laryngectomy, etc). 

Please email us about our support services or if you have any questions: educationalhands.asl@gmail.com

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Sign Support Zone

FREE membership for adults interested in American Sign Language (ASL) and sign support because of recently becoming deaf, hard of hearing, or have verbal communication issues. Here you will find:
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  • and more

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Finding Your ASL Niche

The ASL Niche

Join the ASL Niche Zone to get access to resources that will assist you in staying motivated in using your ASL skills! Subscribe to the ASL Niche for:

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