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ASL - JSB2 Course

$179.00 (USD) •

Includes Jumpstart Basics 2


ASL - JSB1 Course

$179.00 (USD) •

Includes Jumpstart Basics 1

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ASL Learning Prep

Deaf Study Notes

Instructor-Led Videos

Intro to Fingerspelling 

Manual Alphabet  

Numbers & More

Vocabulary Builder 1

Vocabulary Builder 2

Vocabulary Builder 3

Vocabulary Builder 4

Vocabulary Builder 5

Finishing Jump-Start (Basic 1)

Video Practice Resources

Prep Jump-Start (Basic 2)

You've learned ASL,

Why aren't you using it?


  • Want to start using your ASL again

  • Want to use ASL within your comfort zone

  • Desire to experience the satisfaction of finding your niche

  • Are ready to make the commitment to engage actively with learning


In this course you'll...

  • Learn to self-assess your ASL strengths & weaknesses..

  • Develop an ASL Skill Improvement Plan..

  • Learn habits for retaining ASL skills..

  • Create the mindset for new possibilities...

  • Find your niche..

  • Understand guidelines for providing ASL assistance..

  • Learn a secret to gaining more signing experience..

  • Explore opportunities outside of.. becoming a certified interpreter or certified ASL teacher..

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  • A study planner for working through each module (PDF)

  • The best tips to obtain focused study in ASL (PDF)

  • Essential study tips for learning (PDF)

  • Fingerspelling tips (PDF)

  • In addition you will learn more about Deaf culture 

  • Work on developing vocabulary with Vocabulary Builders

  • Be introduced to classifiers

  • Apply the rules for structuring basic ASL sentences

  • Practice signing with course videos

  • Reinforce learning through practice exercises and assignments

  • Course requirements

  • Completion of any ASL basic 1 course

  • A strong desire to learn ASL

  • A personal commitment to study and practice the material

  • A promise to yourself to complete the course

The course fee can be cancelled before the 1st day of the course.

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